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From December 28, 2023, to February 29, 2024
Readings, performances, and music at the Palace.


“So I Will Know If You Close Your Eyes.” Love Letters – Federica D’Angelo and Fabrizio Falco –
February 8, at 19:00
Solemn promises, oaths, commitments, and sighs. The letter is a ritual, a private exchange where the two interlocutors can be themselves, emphasizing the words that describe their love.
A reading that collects some epistolary exchanges of personalities who have made history in literature and art. From the correspondence of Alberto Moravia to Elsa Morante, to the letters between Cesare Pavese and Bianca Garufi.
And further, Sibilla Aleramo and Dino Campana, the marital love of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. These letters reveal a private and unspoken side of their world. In their disturbances and uncertainties, we discover them fragile, exposed, contradictory, impulsive, ridiculous, driven by forces they cannot control, forces in which we all, as human beings, can recognize ourselves.

Ticket: 5.00 euros
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Projection of “Misericordia” by Emma Dante Saturday
February 17, at 20:30
February 18, at 18:00
Misericordia is a 2023 film, acclaimed by Italian and international film critics for its ability to address the themes of autism and domestic violence, being considered among the best Italian films of 2023. In a dilapidated complex of shacks by the sea, somewhere in a dreamlike Sicily, a group of prostitutes leads a degraded life with Arturo, a boy with psychological and physical disorders.
Arturo’s father, also the protector-master of the prostitutes, is Polyphemus, a violent and fickle one-eyed man who has beaten to death the mother of his son and seems to want to do the same to Arturo. However, the women try to create an escape route from this nightmare of sea and violence for the boy they have raised as foster mothers, in the uncertain hope of a better future.

Ticket: 5.00 euros
Online purchase soon available

“Si cunta e si ricunta” (Tales and Retellings) the Tales of Pitré – Giuseppe Provinzano
February 22, at 19:00
Giuseppe Provinzano tells the Tales of Giuseppe Pitrè, accompanied by the extemporaneous images of Petra Trombini.

Ticket: 5.00 euros
Online purchase soon available

The Voices of Antigone – Simona Sciarabba
February 29, at 19.00
Antigone: “born in opposition.”
Antigone is a young woman, fighting in the name of a moral commandment, in the name of those “unwritten laws” that compel her to bury her brother Polynices to honor the pietas towards the dead. She engages in a strenuous struggle with the ruler, Creon, who had forbidden her brother’s burial. Antigone is the rebel, the “young” warrior woman. The Voices of Antigone is a rewriting of the tragedy that starts from the text of Sophocles, passes through that of Anouilh, Brecht, and arrives at the contemporary rewriting by Valeria Parrella.
The words are those of the great authors; Antigone’s struggle is eternal.

Ticket: 5.00 euros
Online purchase soon available

5discorsiXdistruggereMe (5 Speeches to Destroy Me) – Margherita Ortolani
March 7, at 19.00

“Sipario” (Curtain), an improvisational theater board game – Tea Bruno
March 14